Client Testimonial

October 31, 2014

“Earlier in the year, my daughter Emma was considering purchasing her first apartment. My husband and I offered our advice, however we quickly realised her needs outweighed our financial knowledge bank.

John Sedgwick from Synergy Accountants has been our trusted advisor for many years now  and we knew he was the best person to help my daughter achieve her goals.

Meeting with John was a breeze. He explained everything in laymen’s terms, and applied his knowledge to Emma’s specific situation. The day after their meeting, Emma signed the contract, and based on John’s advice, changed her plan of attack.

Emma conveyed how impressed she was with John’s professionalism and advice, and I imagine she will enlist the services of Synergy Accountants as her accountant.

With our whole family now clients of John’s, it is a true testament to the service he provides.” Anonymous